Apples & other fruit

Our orchard includes a wide variety of fruit, with a special emphasis on apples (50+ varieties), pears, asian pears, plums, figs, & medlars. We also have an abundance of berries and other perennials.

We use no pesticides and only site-grown non-chemical compost and fertilizer. These are exceptionally healthy and tasty fruit!

Currently in season (August, 2020)

We currently have a bumper crop of wonderful "Summerred" apples, as well as Shiro Asian plums, and others. We are selling #1 apples (no blemishes) for $4/lb, and #2 (with small blemishes) for $2/lb. Discounts available. Contact us to arrange pick-up.

These are "Summerred" (or Summer Red), an early-harvested variety developed in the Pacific Northwest and perfectly suited to our climate. They are delicious -- sweet but full-bodied, lightly vinous, with a hint of strawberry, especially cherished by those looking for a softer bite. The apples range in size, and can be a bit oval or conical, giving their deep red blush and streaks further visual interest. While prized for the table and midsummer dessert trays, the apples also keep their shape when cooked and work well for pies, saucing, and juicing. What's more, for an early apple they're fairly good keepers, giving you longer to enjoy them!

These apples are grown right here in Portland, using zero chemicals of any sort, relying instead on bats and chickens as pest control and on-site compost as fertilizer. The farm is a polyculture, supporting a wide variety of plants, animals, fungi, and microbes that interweave to cultivate a rich ecosystem. Truly healthy apples, for all involved!

If you'd like to order online, please feel free!

We also have a wide variety of other apple trees coming into fruit later this season, including: Liverty, Esopus Spitzenburg, Tompkins King, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, GoldRush, Fuji, and more. Will also have pear, asian pear, and plum varieties, as well as extra-special medlars.