Community Supported Orchard

On this 7-acre parcel tucked beneath volcanic cliffs in a corner of the SW hills of Portland, 108 fruit trees and abundant vines, bushes, and canes are growing dozens upon dozens of varieties of delicious fruit.

We’re launching a Community Supported Orchard!

You can order your share now from our online store!

Our "CSO" includes two types of share: Fall Fruits, and Hard Cider.

Hard Cider.

One of the oldest and best ways to preserve our abundant apples, is through fermentation into hard cider. Our wildcrafted yeasts and traditional cidermaking techniques maintain the most direct relationship between us, the apples, and the life that surrounds us all. Let your palate experience more!

Pick up about 4 (four) 22oz bottles monthly on the first Sunday of every month, with a selection of our surprisingly diverse array of small-batch, naturally fermented, still, dry ciders. Special features of particular cidrages include: blends with some of the orchard’s classic heirloom cider apples; barrel-aging in bourbon casks; and a rich range of acidity and bitterness depending on varietal, yeast styles, and environment.

Our cider apples include the following varieties:

  • Kingston Black
  • Yarlington Mill
  • Dabinette
  • Medaille d’Or
  • Wickson Crab
  • Hewe’s Crab
  • Somerset Redstreak
  • Stoke Red
  • Foxwhelp
Order your cider share now at our online store! Choose from a full annual share of $450, or 12 monthly payments of $40 each.

Fall Fruits.

From mid-September through early December, pick-up a weekly basket of freshly harvested fruit! Fruits include multiple varieties of apples, pears, asian pears, medlars, and some lateseason plums.

Some of the fruit will good for eating (#1) and some will be best for processing & preserving (#2). We’ll separate the fruit by quality and send you home with recipes and processing suggestions.

There will be opportunities to get to know the orchard and the orchardist, and the other plants, soil, and animals on the land. Our orchard uses no pesticides and only site-grown non-chemical compost and fertilizer.

Pick up your shares onsite at the farm (11640 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Portland) on Sundays from 1-3 pm. Shares: $200 – sign-up here. Contact with any questions. Weekly shares will include a combination of the following later-season fruit (next year, full season shares will include an even greater variety!):

  • Apples
    • GoldRush
    • Liberty
    • Esopus Spitzenberg
    • Calville Blanc d’Hiver
    • Haralson
    • Fuji
    • and more!
  • Pears (European)
    • El Dorado
    • Bosc
    • Brandy
  • Asian Pears
    • 20th Century
    • Hosui
    • Imamura Aki
    • Kikisui
    • Kosui
    • Yakumo
  • Medlar (delicious, heritage fruit with rich, complex flavor)
    • Breda Giant
    • Macrocarpa
  • Plums
    • Reine Claude d'Oullins (gage)
These fruit are grown right here in Portland, using zero chemicals of any sort, relying instead on bats and chickens as pest control and on-site compost as fertilizer. The farm is a polyculture, supporting a wide variety of plants, animals, fungi, and microbes that interweave to cultivate a rich ecosystem. Truly healthy apples, for all involved!