Cedar Moon

Cedar Moon is a residential worker collective and intentional community committed to learning and growing the techniques of practical sustainability.

Located on seven acres of land in Portland, Oregon, surrounded by a 700-acre state Park, Cedar Moon (through Try on Sustainability, LLC) cooperates with the non-profit sustainability education and demonstration center Tryon Life Community Farm to provide tangible experiences of many aspects of life lived in conscious relation with the natural world. Rooted in the insights of permaculture applied to organizational form as well as physical design, Cedar Moon has evolved rapidly since its formation in 2004 into a relatively stable, experienced, and inspiring ecosystem of committed and engaged participants.

We currently have three income-producing businesses, although others are in the offing.

Finally, if you are interested in becoming a member of Cedar Moon, LLC, please email pond@cedarmoon.us.

For your convenience, here are several of our documents that may be of interest to prospective members.